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Bonita Springs

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1. Measure your space and select your layout. There are four basic layouts to chose from:




G Shape Peninsula

2. Select your cabinet style. Now there are multiple places and styles to chose from and their is an equal range in pricing too. The key is finding a style that you like that matches existing structure in your house. Get multiple proposals and advice. The more information you have, the easier the choice will be.

3. Select your appliances. Being mindful to collect all the spec sheets so you can get the proper measurements in the design. To maximize your countertop space try to put your biggest appliances at the end of the countertops.

4. Design the layout. This is where the skill of your contractor can make or break your project. Sometimes meeting with a design specialist is a good idea but take your contractor with you because the specialist can't see some of the anomalies that may be issues and as a result you can end up paying for features you really can't use.

Be mindful of the imaginary triangle which links the sink, cooktop and refrigerator. As a general rule, you never want this to be more than 26 feet in total perimeter and no one stretch should be more than 9 feet or less than 4 feet.

5. Compare your choices and your budget. Decide what makes the most sense for you. Ask your contractor for their advice.

Every kitchen is unique and has special attention items.

Some issues cost more than others to re-engineer but starting with a good contractor to lead you through the process is the best way to launch your home improvement project!

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